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About us

Welcome to the Bcube Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2018, our organization team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. We all have a common goal – helping you!

Bcube Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd is called (Bcube) is a specialist in Steel structure engineering and construction services which is sisters company of MS Saving project servies, Doha-Qatar a epic contractor of steel structure Design, Engineered, Fabrication, Installation, Testing &commissioning. after 15 years experience in the international market we have established this organization in 2018 in primary as a General Civil construction & Steel structure engineering and fabrication. presently we are among the leading Civil & Structural steel fabrication firm in state of Qatar and Nepal. Bcube has a selection of highly-qualified and well experienced Civil & mechanical engineers, technical staffs, support personnel and skilled laborers .we believe that our talented & skilled human resources are the most important asset in delivering professional and timely accomplishment of our projects. Our close relation with local and international suppliers makes it possible for us to procure wide range of materials and services for all constructions and maintenance needs. 


To be acknowledged as an innovative enterprise participating in ground‐breaking projects in the State of Qatar, Middle East and Nepal and contributing towards growth of country/state’s infrastructural development.




To sustain an unparalleled corporate profile that enhances the exclusive quality of our services. To foster an environment that inspires dedication among our personnel and to be a role model in the area of corporate governance.




At Bcube Engineering and construction, we have very unique and smart way of supply and delivery system. We always keep in mind the market scenario. We understand that the companies cannot maintain a huge stock of materials. When they are awarded with contracts which are contract based, they cannot spare even a few days to get the product and finish items. To avoid this loss of time and keeping in view our customer’s requirements, we always maintain a huge stock of almost all the standard size and section profile in our factory yard.

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Bcube Engineering & Construction (BCUBE) was established under a visionary, captivating and creative Entreprenerurs partnered together to build up an outstanding corporate body, to manage a sustainable and successful diversified business structure. They possess triumphant international experience in the field of Project Management. Human Resource and Financial management in the construction industry.

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